Recruitment FAQs

Do I have to apply online through the Rex Careers Website?

Yes. Due to the volume of interest in this position, we do not accept hard copy applications or emails. You must apply online through the previous page to be considered.

To apply or to register your interest for future positions, you must select ‘Apply for this position’ which will start the application process. You must upload your CV and cover letter before proceeding any further. If you have any supporting documentation that you wish to include, you will need to upload them here.

Once this step has been completed, you will be required to answer specific questions throughout the application. These are mandatory.

Selecting ‘Submit’ will lodge your application. You will receive a confirmation email in receipt of your submission.

If you need to update any of your details in the future, you will need to resubmit an application.

What should I expect once I have applied?

We accept applications on an ongoing basis; however, recruitment is conducted depending on operational requirements. It may be some time before you hear from us in regards to an interview.

When we need to recruit we will review all applications that meet the minimum criteria and we will make contact to arrange an interview.

Your application will remain on file until you either request that it be removed or until you are invited to an interview.

Interviews are conducted to compile a hold file.

I do not have a current certificate but I am booked in to complete my First Aid/Responsible Service of Alcohol Course prior to the interview. Am I still able to apply?

Yes, as long as you are able to show receipt of booking and you pass the course. You will need to provide a copy of the certificate prior to commencing training.

Is there an age limit to be a Flight Attendant?

You must be over the age of 18.

My height is on the maximum height limit to work on the Saab 340. Can I still apply?

Yes, however you will require a certificate from a medical practitioner/GP stating your exact height to ensure it is/below the maximum height limit before being offered a position on our Ground School. Your comfort and wellbeing in the cabin is important to us so it is essential that you meet the criteria.


Does experience play a role in being successful?

Yes, customer service experience does play a very important role, however previous flying experience is not necessarily an advantage. At Rex, it’s more important that the right person for the job and company is chosen.

Can I apply for any base?

Yes, however we ask that you only select a base that you are genuinely interested in and one that you are willing to relocate to. We do not pay for relocation costs so please only select what you can commit to.

If I am invited to attend an interview, what can I expect?
If your application progresses to an interview you will need to bring:

  • A photocopy of your resume
  • A photocopy of photo identification – passport, drivers licence or 18 + card
  • A photocopy of the following:
    • First Aid Certificate or receipt of booking
    • Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate or receipt of booking
    • Residency (if required)
    • Evidence of secondary education or evidence of 3-5 years of recent employment to meet English Language Proficiency Standards

A typical day consists of a group interview in the morning with successful applicants invited to return in the afternoon for an individual interview with the panel. Please be prepared to be available for the entire day.

We will need to conduct verbal reference checks with people that have directly supervised or managed you in previous roles so please ensure you have the required details with you.

We will endeavour to advise you as soon as possible the results from the recruitment day; however we are unable to provide feedback on your interview.

What is the process if I am successful at the interview?

If you are successful at the interview stage, you will be placed on a hold file for up to six months awaiting an invitation to attend Rex Ground School training. You will be offered this training free of charge but it will be completed in your own time as you are not employed by Rex at the time of Ground School. We assist with flights, accommodation and meals during this training period if the training is away from your home base.

What can I expect at Ground School?
Ground School can be conducted in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or at the Australian Airline Pilot Academy located in Wagga Wagga.
Should you be invited to attend our Ground School you can expect a three week rigorous training course that is both physically and intellectually challenging covering topics such as:

  • Emergency equipment and procedures,
  • Dangerous Goods,
  • Security,
  • First Aid,
  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority Regulations,
  • Company policies and procedures – including in-flight announcements,
  • In-flight service procedures,
  • Grooming and Presentation, and
  • Passenger handling.

Drug and alcohol testing is conducted during Ground School as well as random drug and alcohol testing throughout employment.

What physical components are required during Ground School training?
You will be required to demonstrate the following:

  • how to extinguish a live fire,
  • how to swim at least 50 metres in clothing and demonstrate the use of a life jacket
  • how to operate the emergency exits (movement of door and window exits, 15kg and 10kg)
  • self-defence (trained at Ground School)

Good overall health is required to meet the requirements of this position.

During my Ground School training will I be required to work on weekends?
Yes, the timetable is based on instructor and aircraft availability so attendance on weekends is necessary.

Is there a dress code when I attend Ground School?
Yes, you are required to wear business attire during the Ground School period. Grooming and presentation must be of a high standard.

What happens once Ground School has been successfully completed?
You will be placed on a hold file and offered a position when one becomes available. The time frame for this will vary.

Once I start flying how many nights will I be away from home in one week?
This will vary depending on your ‘home’ base; sometimes there are no overnights and sometimes two or three overnights per week. Regardless of the basing we require you to be flexible.

Is the position full time?
All new start flight attendants are employed on a full time basis.

Can flight attendants be part time?
There is provision for part time flight attendants in the Agreement however this is subject to length of service and base numbers. Part time positions are also allocated based on seniority.

Will I have to work on weekends and public holidays?
Yes, you will be required to work on most weekends and public holidays. All work is shift work and days can vary each week.

Am I entitled to discounted airline travel?
Yes, you will be entitled to staff travel with Rex after an allotted period.

Can I transfer to another base?
Flight Attendants can transfer to another base once the probationary period has been completed and subject to positions being available.